KVARTSTROY Company is a Russian real-estate developer with over 18 years' market experience. The Company has a top-quality project portfolio and its own construction facilities; it specializes in constructing residential real estate in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

Facts and figures:

  • KVARTSTROY Company specializes in implementing residential real estate projects in Moscow and in other regions of Russia.
  • In Russia the Company is implementing 15 residential and commercial real estate projects of its own that are of a various scale and have the total area of 2.1 million sq.m.
  • The Company’s portfolio of new projects acquired since the beginning of 2012 is about 2 million sq.m.
  • The Company’s market area includes Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd (Russia’s largest cities with the total population of over 17 million people).
  • The Company employs over 1,500 people. Its structure is a vertically integrated holding company that can act as a general contractor, an employer and a real estate agent. The Company has its own production facilities and a design and architecture studio.
  • The Company's ownership structure: Four incorporators who take part in day-to-day management own 69.5% of the shares together. 30.5% of the shares belong to Russia Development Fund (controlled by Investment Management Group), which invested in the Company in March 2009.
  • Strategic priorities: Developing and expanding the Company's investment portfolio in the Russian regions of the Company’s presence with established business contacts in order to implement residential and commercial real estate projects of high quality in all the price segments.

On 13 July 2011 KVARTSTROY Open Joint-Stock Company (OAO) was reorganized into KVARTSTROY Limited Liability Company (OOO).