Our team

Делис Александр Петрович - Генеральный директор компании КВАРТСТРОЙ
Alexander Delis
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Власюк Павел Борисович - Президент компании КВАРТСТРОЙ
Pavel Vlasyuk
Chief Executive officer

Байгушев Александр Николаевич - Вице-президент компании КВАРТСТРОЙ
Alexander Baygushev

About Company


1.    Balanced portfolio of projects in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd and Almaty, diversified by class (price segment), category and construction stage.
•    Affordable housing (economy class, Series 3D)
•    Business and the elite premiumresidential real estate
•    Commercial (retail and business centers)

2.    An experienced team with over 18 years experience in the development and construction of real estate projects (more than 50), which overcame the crisis periods (including the crises of 1998 and 2008 in Russia, and the crisis in 2007 in Kazakhstan).

3.    An integrated structure of the company, which includes all the necessary functional areas:
•    Projecting organization
•    Construction department
•    Finance department
•    General contractor construction
•    The Department of Marketing and Sales

4.    Management of full cycle development of projects for prompt design and quick implementation of projects:
•    Best-use analysis of land plots
•    Acquisition of land plots
•    Projecting and design
•    Construction
•    Sales and marketing 


1.    Russian Development Fund (RDF) is one of the company's shareholders (EBRD, Immoeast& Aberdeen - the fund's investors.)
2.    The representative of RDF management company IMC is in the Board of Directors and Management of KVARTSTROY
3.    Annual audit (Ernst & Young) and
4.    Independent valuation of the company (CBRE and Cushman & Wakefield)


1.    Growth of company capitalization
2.    Increase of the company’s financial and operating effectiveness, while maintaining a balanced portfolio of projects.
3.    Increase the company's share in the markets.


1.    Market volume
Holdingcompany KVARTSTROY operates successfully on commercial and residential real estate market in most prominent economical regions of Russia and Kazakhstan with population more than 19 million people:
•    Moscow and Moscow Region – 15,5mln. people
•    Nizhny Novgorod – 1,3 mln. people
•    Volgograd – 1mln.people
•    Almaty – 1,5 mln. people

2.    Unique product positioning
"Series 3D» projects (comfort affordable housing) have a unique market niche and strong competitive positioning:
•    Outperform competitive analogs of economy class by technical parameters, while providing lower price of apartments.
•    Compete(substitute) with business class projects due to its high quality

3.    Demand potential
There is a solid potential demand for affordable quality housing in Russian regions. It is proved by the successful sale of the first pilot projects of “Series 3D” in Nizhny Novgorod and Volgograd - more than 50% of project apartments sold in the early stages of construction. There are two major factors at the heart of a significant and solvent demand for "Series 3D»
•    low availability of housing in the region (average 22.6 m2 per person, which is significantly less than the European standards),
•    social demand to upgrade dilapidated housing and increasethe quality of new projects of economic class.