About Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novdorod City was established in 1221.

Being a wonderful and picturesque land situated along the Volga River, from the very beginning of its a centuries-old history the important Nizhny Novdorod region plays distinctive role in Russian state. Inhabitants of this region (Nizhny Novdorod or Gorky in Soviet time) have been taking part in all and every historical events that occurred  in Kievskaya Rus, Moscow state, Russian Empire or Soviet Union.

Nizhegorodskaya Fair that is revitalized today is proud of its historical past and welcomes visitors from every corner of the world. Golden Kokhloma also gains world-wide fame and recognition.  Many tourists are glad to visit beautiful legendary Svetloyar Lake, Saint Diveevo land and the mysterious places of old believers’ Kerzhents.

Nizhny Novdorod is the capital city of Povolzhsky Federal District, center of Nizhny Novdorod Oblast and the acknowledged capital of Volgo-Vyatsky economic region. The city with area 350 sq.km and around 1.5 mln residents is situated in place of Volga and Oka rivers infall. Distance between Nizhny Novdorod and Moscow is 439 km. The city provides a handy transit intersection that connects north-western part of Russia and Moscow, on the one side, and Urals region and Siberia, on the other side.

Nizhny Novdorod is included in UNESCO list of 100 world cities of the international cultural importance.

Local transport infrastructure includes international airport, passenger and freight river terminals and the efficient railway junction. All these facilities have allowed to realize the idea of extending European transnational transit corridor up to Nizhny Novdorod, and make this region attractive for tourists.
The city possesses a huge internationally known scientific potential. So currently Nizhny Novdorod accommodates 26 higher education establishments, several scientific institutes of the Russian Academy of Science, and around 100 scientific research institutions and design/development bureaus engaged in works in field of radiophysics, chemistry, electronic engineering etc. The city is distinguished owing to its favorable investment environment. As of today in Nizhny Novdorod operate more than 100 enterprises with foreign capital.


// photo credits: ronova1968